Accusations Against God And A Demon

Accusations against God and A Demon.

Man is a plaintiff.

It would not be an exaggeration to say that the main difference between humans and animals is their guilt.

(Probably.) Not only the size of the case and the plaintiff but also the nature and content of the case can be taken as evidence of a strong connection between people and the dispute.

There are so many ridiculous accusations in the world today, but the accusations against God and A Demon can be categorized.

It may seem ridiculous, but the accusers are not.

For example, Antu, a U.S. senator in the United States, filed a lawsuit against God.

His name is Ernie Chambers. He filed a lawsuit against the Douglas County Court of Appeals in the United States, alleging that he had been sentenced to life in prison.

Among them is the widespread suffering of mankind in our world; Hunger: Natural Disasters: War: It means that he has not been able to stop the abuse.

The judge, after examining the case carefully, dismissed the case on the grounds that it was impossible to find God at his address. Satan was charged in 1971. The plaintiff is called Gerald Mayo.

Plaintiff also pleaded guilty to one count of felony criminal mischief and one count of felony criminal mischief with intent to defraud. The trial judge dismissed the case in the first instance, but he did not want to close the case. Each point is examined from left to right, and the record is thoroughly examined.

To summarize, the court rejected Satan’s accusation, citing the following main reasons. Cause of accusation Even if the plaintiff’s rights are upheld, there is no solution that the court can give. What can a court do for Satan?

Defendant’s address How would he respond to Satan’s call, even if he were to be prosecuted? Group accusation It is difficult to stand firm in this way without being convinced that Satan can protect the interests of his troops. There is no evidence that he has a certified representative.

Fairness If the defendants come to court, the first thing they see is a large sign that reads “In God We Trust”.

In this case, the defendants are not expected to receive a fair trial. “We therefore dismiss the charge. The registry is closed. Return to registry. The right to appeal is reserved. ”

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