Warrant of arrest

Warrant of arrest

Art 52 Principle.

(1) Where a warrant is required by law to be issued by a court before a person is arrested the provisions which follow shall apply.

(2) A warrant of arrest shall be in the form prescribed in the Third Schedule to this Code

(3) A warrant of arrest shall remain in force until executed or cancelled by the court which issued it notwithstanding the death, retirement or replacement of the judge having issued the warrant.

Art. 53 issue of warrant.

(1) A warrant of arrest may be issued on the application of any investigating police officer by any court and shall be addressed to the chief of the police in the Taklay Guezat in which it is issued.

(2) A warrant may be issued at any time and on any day of the year

(3) A warrant of arrest may be executed in any part of the Empire by any member of the police.

Art. 54. When warrant of arrest to be issued.

A warrant of arrest shall only be issued where the attendance of a person before the court is absolutely necessary and cannot otherwise be obtained.

Art. 55 Application for warrant in urgent cases.

(1) In cases of urgency the investigating police officer may apply for a warrant by telephone or telegraph.

(2) In such cases the application to the court in question shall be confirmed in writing within 24 hours.

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